Has your kid recently been diagnosed with ASD? There are various ways for new autism parents to handle situations. The news that their child has autism is seldom welcomed by a parent. An ASD diagnosis can be stressful and confusing for parents. They could receive different therapy recommendations from friends, family or professionals.

Many parents approach us for autism assessment online and they frequently question what happens next once a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) receives a diagnosis. That is common.

Here are some tips to help new autism parents

1. Make your mind ready

You are about to start an endless journey with your child. Thus, you have to educate yourself regarding autism spectrum disorder to understand your child. For that you can seek help from professionals and other families.

2. Accepting the diagnosis

Accepting the diagnosis is the first step towards being able to help your child. Accepting the diagnosis can be difficult so do not hesitate to reach out to other parents and professionals to help you with this. Do not compare him or her with other kids of the same age. It is also very important to understand that the diagnosis is not your entire child.

3. Stop checking Google for advice

Try to stay away from using Google as “Dr. Google”. Looking for online cures or causes for autism will lead you to a lot of inaccurate, misguided information which may not be true for your child. Also, there are many treatment options mentioned which are not backed by scientific evidence and may do more harm to your child than benefit.

4.  Know what your child needs

Remember you know your child the best. Thus you understand what they need. However, you might have noticed that your child uses certain nonverbal cues or behaviors to express needs to himself. Pay attention to any sound they might make. This will help you to understand your child in a better manner.

5. Set a routine

The majority of kids with ASD follow a very strict schedule. When they are in a familiar setting, they often behave or perform better. Develop a schedule with specific hours for meals, therapy sessions, and sleep for the kid.

6. Design a relaxation area for your child

Make a quiet area in the house where your child can relax. They are able to feel comfortable and protected in a private environment. To establish a limit, feel free to select visual cues (bright stickers, images). Make this space “safe” by removing any porcelain, glass, or sharp objects from it.

This is crucial if your child frequently expresses anger or engages in difficult behaviors toward others or himself.

7. Use positive reinforcement

Children with autism spectrum disorder frequently respond effectively to positive reinforcement, just like anyone else. It follows that when you compliment them for the positive actions they exhibit, it will make both of you feel good.

Be specific, so that they understand exactly what you appreciated about their actions. Seek out opportunities to reward them, whether it be with more playtime or a simple gift like a sticker.

Reward your child for who they are, just as you would with anyone, autistic or not. It’s important to accept your child as they are as a parent.

8. Connect with other parents

You may often feel helpless and isolated. Interacting with other parents of children with special needs is one of the most crucial things, according to experts, in addition to receiving adequate care. You might feel strong rather than alone and lonely by being around other parents.

It’s crucial to have understanding people around you. You can search online or connect with other family members at special needs sports or activity groups. Your child’s doctor might also be able to recommend a nearby support group.

9. Step out with your kid

The most important thing you can do is make small outings to begin with. You’re educating them on coping mechanisms. Life goes on. New autism parents must buy food, visit the bank, the post office, etc. If your child didn’t have autism, you would be doing it nonetheless.

Understand your limits, of course. Start with small steps like a trip to purchase milk today. Maybe it will be a trip to the library and the pet store another time. Tell them what’s coming, and prepare them to help build their confidence.

10. Seek help when it’s overwhelming for you

It’s important for you to let out your emotions. Just keep in mind that your child still needs you and so do you. Thus, it is equally important for you to seek help when it’s overwhelming for you. Whether it comes from a spouse, relative, friend, or doctor.

Just keep in mind, soon you’ll be skilled in handling it. Whether it’s by using humor, meditation, yoga, crafts, blogging, or any of the countless other escapism hobbies you’ll carry it out. You can do this. Keep in mind that your kid is working just as hard as you are. So take a moment to relax.

Seek online autism therapy for your child as early as possible for the betterment of your child’s future. At Embrace Lives, we offer the best autism treatment in India to help your child learn new skills and live an independent life.

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