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About Us

eMbrace came out of a vision to make mental healthcare accessible to all.

With 1 in every 7 Indian suffering from a mental health condition we think it is important that people understand and begin to look after their mental health.

Our mission is to provide evidence-based therapeutic services to those impacted by mental health and developmental disorders. We also provide in-depth, comprehensive psychological assessments. We aim to maintain international standards in all our services.

Mental health conditions and disorders can affect every aspect of a person’s life including relationships, work, school. Early detection and timely treatment thus become essential. We now have many evidence-based therapies available that can relieve problems due to mental health difficulties and help the affected person be successful in their life again.

Thus, at eMbrace, we aim to provide vital care to the vast population affected by mental health problems, and to make evidence-based treatment easily available across India.

We provide a range of psychological testing services to help you understand yourselfyour child better. Our assessments are recognised the world-over and help access the right treatment options.

We also aim to build a rich resource-bank which is readily accessible and gives reliable and valid information about different mental health conditions and treatments. At eMbrace we curate content and collate information from various verified sources to build comprehensive, rich, India-specific resources to improve understanding of mental health problems in the country.